Daily Mass Information:

Weekday mass takes place in Rosary Chapel at 8am Monday to Friday.

Seating is on a first come first served basis, and there are no reservations.

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In 1907 the old sacristy on the east side of the church and the retreat chapel on the west side needed replacement. Besides being dilapidated structures, their lean-to roofs covering most of the two front windows made that part of the church very dark.

These two appendages had to be torn down.  The scars of this severing operation are still visible on the front buttresses on both sides of the church.

The new plan called for both the new sacristy and chapel to be erected on the west side in such an arrangement as not to obstruct the flow of light through the church windows.

Construction of Rosary Chapel and the attached Sacristy started in early 1907

It was dedicated in the spring of 1908.

The total cost for both was $15,000.

The stained glass windows in the chapel bear the names of the donors and represent the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary.

The Chapel was restored under the leadership of Father Dan Zorzi, CSB in the 1990s.

Work inculcated repairs to the brickwork, new flooring including hardwood on the altar, and a total repainting of the inside.