This week it is lit in Rosary Chapel for the Special Intentions for Christina LaRosa for a healthy recovery from brain surgery & chemotherapy treatments for liver tumors by Carolina and Dennis Venerus.

Our Sanctuary Candle burns 24 hours a day as long as the Eucharist is in the Tabernacle. You can dedicate this Sanctuary Light in memory of a loved one or for a special intention for one week; the names will be published online so that your intention can be prayed for by everyone during that time.  Contact Sally by email at for more information.  

Here are the mass intentions for Assumption Parish.

Daily mass takes place in Rosary Chapel Monday to Friday at 8am. The Daily mass from Assumption will continued to be streamed online. You can watch daily Mass here.

Monday September 28th
8:00 am
† Assunta Lecce by Elizabeth DeRubeis
† Sheila Maureen Libby and Cindy Libby by Tammy Lewis
† Gregorio Arca 19th Anniversary by Gloria

Tuesday September 29th
8:00 am
† FOSS in Purgatory by Theresa & Sheila
† Jeff Berlasty 7th Anniversary & Virgil Bondy by Mary Shiner

Wednesday September 30th
8:00 am
† Gaetano & Raffaela Martini by Daughter Anna & Family
† Janet & Vincent Lazarus by Daughter Patricia
† Vincent Bugeja by Family

Thursday October 1st
8:00 am
† Antonio & Maria Perrotta by Family
† Jeffrey Howarth Brother in Law of Charles Liston by Laura Gusba

Friday October 2nd
8:00 am
† Leo Bezaire by Toni Laberi
† Gerarda Norcia by Rina Norcia
† Silvia Portillo 21st Anniversary by Rose Portillo

Join us during the week as we pray together in different forms as parish community on our YouTube Channel.

  • Join us every Monday at 2pm for Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and a silent holy hour. 
  • Join us Fridays at 2pm for a Holy Hour at 2pm.

Our YouTube Channel can be found at the link here.