Attention Parents of 2nd Graders!

If you are seeking the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist for your 2nd grade child, or have an older child who has been baptized, but has not yet received these sacraments, mark your calendar.

The First Reconciliation/First Eucharist Family Information meeting (with your child) will be held on Sunday, February 2nd at 10:00am in Rosary Chapel (right next door to Assumption Church).

This meeting will begin after the 9:00am mass and be finished before the 11:00am mass begins, allowing families to attend either mass and still attend the meeting. It will address the schedule of the sacrament program and the various events that are included.

You can register your child at the meeting so please be sure to bring a copy of your child’s baptismal certificate.

Any questions can be directed to Jean Beneteau at 519-253-2493 EXT 236.

All those who minister in any way in our parish community how much the giving of yourself is appreciated, are invited to attend an Appreciation Dinner to be held on Saturday, February, 1st 2020.

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A fundraising campaign to support Assumption Church’s ceiling restoration has now been launched.

For $1000, you can purchase naming rights to a GOLD STAR on the ceiling.
For $10,000, you can purchase naming rights to a CHANDELIER.
For $25,000, you can purchase naming rights 1 of 10 ceiling APOSTLES.
For $25,000, you can purchase naming rights 1 of 10 ceiling ANGELS bearing a title of Mary.

Visit here to donate:

The “L’il Saints” Children’s Liturgy Program takes place at both the 11am and 7:30pm masses.

L’il Saints are the children of the parish, ages 5 to 10, who gather to reflect on the Gospel in age appropriate ways, during the Liturgy of the Word.

The children are called forward after the Opening Prayer and sent into the Rosary Chapel with their leaders.

After sharing the word and its message in ways the children understand, the group returns to church to meet their parents during the offertory collection.


Bishop Fabbro announces the following pastoral appointments and changes:

Rev. Nichola Mauro Iko, O.F.M., is returning to his community effective July 1, 2019. I would like to thank Father Nic for the many years he served our diocese in different parishes and in our African communities. As he returns to his religious community, we offer him our gratitude.

Rev. Maurice Restivo, C.S.B., is appointed Parish Administrator of St. Alphonsus and Priest-Chaplain of St. Daniel Comboni African Catholic Community, Windsor, in addition to his current appointment as Parish Administrator of Assumption, Windsor, effective July 2, 2019.

Rev. Mark Gazin, C.S.B., is appointed Parochial Vicar of St. Alphonsus in addition to his current appointments to the Marriage Tribunal and as Parochial Vicar of Assumption, Windsor, effective July 2, 2019.

I offer our prayers and support to our priests, parish teams and parish families who will be affected by this pastoral change. May God continue to bless our ministry to the people of our Diocese.

Bishop Fabbro introduces the Year of Prayer with a handout for Pentecost, 2019 with the following prayer:

Send forth your Spirit, O Lord,
and fill the hearts of your people with an
ardent desire to follow Jesus,
to be his missionary disciples.
Fill us with joy and a desire to know your word.
May we boldly proclaim the Good News to others;
for when we help others to know that God loves them,
they will know true happiness.
Fill us with a deep desire for the Eucharist.
May we recognize Jesus in the proclamation of the Scriptures
and in the Breaking of the Bread;
for when we are united with Jesus, joy is constantly born anew.
Fill us with a true love of neighbour.
May we seek opportunities for reconciliation,
and with big hearts serve those in need;
for in serving them, we know we are serving your Son.
With the help of the Holy Spirit, may we commit ourselves
to loving you and doing your will.
We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.

You can find the entire Year of Prayer handout online here.