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Letter from Father Maurice:

January 5th, 2020

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

You may remember that the Diocese of London has decided to implement “Families of Parishes”, grouping several parishes together as a “Family”, sharing one pastor and pastoral team. Given that Fr. Steven, Fr. Leo, and I have already been caring for both Assumption and St. Alphonsus since July, it came as no real surprise when Bishop Fabbro told me that the diocese wanted to activate our family as of July 6, 2020, and asked me to be pastor. This is an exciting challenge for me and for all of us.

So, what will it look like? Our family will include three parishes and two communities.

  • The parishes: Our Lady of the Assumption, Saint Alphonsus, and Saint Angela Merici.
  • The communities: Saint Benedict Tridentine Rite (Latin), and Saint Daniel Comboni African. Assumption Parish will continue its long association with Campus Ministry at the University of Windsor.

Assumption Parish will continue its long association with Campus Ministry at the University of Windsor.

The diocese is assigning three priests and three deacons to serve the family: Frs. Maurice Restivo, CSB, pastor, and Steven Huber, CSB, associate pastor, plus another Italian speaking associate pastor yet to be named, and Deacons Cap Au, Paul Bezaire, and Gerard Charette. In addition, I hope and pray that Fr. Leo Walsh, CSB, who is currently retired and “in residence” at Assumption will continue his valuable ministry with us. I also imagine (and sincerely hope!) that Fr. Peter Hrytsyk will continue to serve as chaplain of the St. Benedict community.

A while back, Bishop Fabbro wrote:

In order for our parishes to be faithful to all that they are called to be, they must be constantly renewed. We have to study the signs of the times. The circumstances of our day and the projections for our future give us an opportunity to focus our parishes more clearly on the mission Jesus has given US.

The Trends Report released in 2011 forecasts a seriously declining number of priests to serve in our parishes in the coming decade. But rather than be a cause for alarm and reaction, this reality can be a source of new possibility for us; it can, if we will let it, be a cause of revitalization for our parishes.

… A Task Force of leaders from across the diocese … is developing plans for groupings of several parishes under the leadership of one pastor and a pastoral team of other ministers. We are calling these groupings a “Family of Parishes”. In a way this name is very apt, illustrating as it does the main work

of every parish community. Like a family, a parish is bound together in a communion; and like a family that teaches and models a life a service, a parish is a spiritual home that forms disciples to go out into the world.

I will be meeting with diocesan officials on January 9, and with the respective staffs in early February. We will be forming a transition team that will study all areas of parish life and ministry as well as administrative aspects, and endeavour to make the best decisions possible about our future. The team will include staff and present pastoral council members. We will, of course, be open to your suggestions and comments, and do our best to answer any concerns. I am confident that this team will be able to serve the Family well and enable us to be of service in the best way possible.

Meanwhile, please keep all of us in your daily prayers. I will suggest that each parish add an intercessory prayer to be prayed at each mass as part of the Universal Prayer (Prayer of the Faithful), asking for God’s help, guidance and protection for the Family as we move along.

May the Christ Child revealed to the world today fill your hearts and your lives with blessings and grace.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

(Fr.) Maurice Restivo, CSB, STD Pastor