How is a family different from a parish?
A family is a grouping of parishes that are all under the leadership of one pastor and pastoral team. Each parish remains distinct except that they share certain things including a pastor, staff, pastoral council, and finance council.

Why is this necessary to form Families of Parishes at this point in time?
Parish attendance has been declining as has the number of priests in the Diocese. Parishes that don’t have strong leadership or are struggling financially can’t do much missionary outreach. Missionary outreach is the clear intention of the Diocese and forming Families of Parishes allows us to be stronger by sharing priests and pastoral teams as well as sharing resources.

Who will be making the decisions as we become one family?
A Transition Team will be appointed including representation from each parish to consider and decide how we will proceed. Their information is on the back of this newsletter.

Will we become one parish?
No, each parish and community will continue to maintain their own name, identity, cultural background and variety of programs.

Will church buildings close?
No church buildings will close during this process.

Will our finances be shared?
Each parish will continue to maintain separate finances and be responsible for the maintenance of their church building and other expenses. Parishes must continue to support themselves in order to continue. However, certain expenses can be shared. For example, each parish would pay only a portion of the salaries for the clergy.

If I decide to attend another Parish in our Family because of the Mass time change, what will happen to my donations?
As long as you use your own envelopes, your donation will go to the parish where you are registered.

Will the Mass schedule change?
There will most likely be changes to both the weekend and daily Mass schedules at all our parishes both to reduce overlap and arrange a number and schedule of Masses that can be done by the Pastor and his Associate Pastors. These will be communicated to the parish for feedback before any changes are made permanent.

What will our family be called?
A name will be chosen by the Transition Team and communicated to the parish for feedback before submitting it to the Bishop for final approval. The name will be chosen and utilized in both English and Italian since our Family includes St. Angela Merici, an Italian National Parish.

I’m a parishioner at St. Benedict. Will we have to change our method of worship to match everyone else?
No, you will continue to worship using the Extraordinary Form. We are grateful to Fr. Peter Hrytsyk for continuing as Chaplain.

At St. Angela Merici, we have Masses in both Italian and English. Will we lose the availability of Masses in either language?

The Transition Team will be reviewing the Mass schedule and number of Masses, and while the number of Masses may change, you will continue to have both English and Italian Masses at St. Angela. One of the Associate Pastors will speak Italian in addition to our Pastor, Fr. Maurice.

Will our parish office be closed? Where will we go to arrange for Masses to be said or other things?

The transition Team will be reviewing our staffing and office structure and decide how to move forward. We are mindful of that some parish offices are better situated near the church so that you can access services. Watch for a decision on this in the next few months.

Will we be kept up to date as the Transition Team starts to meet?
Yes, watch the bulletin, Facebook, and websites for regular announcements. A special webpage has been set up to help keep you fully informed. (