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Here are the mass intentions for Assumption Parish.

Daily mass takes place in Rosary Chapel Monday to Friday at 8am. The Daily mass from Assumption will continued to be streamed online. You can watch daily Mass here.

Monday October 26th
8:00 am

In Thanksgiving of Evangeline Salas Franco on her Birthday by by her Family
† Prudencio Canlas Sr. 25th Anniversary by The Cabrera Family
For the Intentions of Theresa Gillis by Anita MacLeod

Tuesday October 27th
8:00 am

For the Intentions of Katie Gusba on her Birthday by Laura Gusba
† FOSS in Purgatory by Sheila & Theresa
† Joan Witkowski by Theresa & Sheila

Wednesday October 28th
8:00 am

† Vincent Bugeja by Family
† Adolfo Marro by by his wife and family
† For the Deceased Members of the Marro & Crolla Families by by Rita Marro

Thursday October 29th
8:00 am

† Joan Witkowski by Theresa & Sheila
† Teresa O’Brien Fowler by Barbara Beattie
† Ryan Jessop by Barbara Beattie

Friday October 30th
8:00 am

† For the Deceased Members of the DeRubeis Family by Elizabeth DeRubeis & Family
† Joan Witkowski by Theresa & Sheila
† Alex McKinnon by Anita MacLeod