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Here are the mass intentions for both Assumption Parish for August 3rd to August 7th.

Daily mass takes place in Rosary Chapel Monday to Friday at 8am.

The Daily mass from Assumption will continued to be streamed online. You can watch daily Mass here.


†Michael Nykasa by Vita DiMaria
†Thomas J. Richard 14th Anniversary by his wife Susan Richard
†For all Souls in Purgatory especially for F.O.S.S. members by Sheila & Theresa


†Gerardo & Gerarda Tullio by the Family
†Antonio & Maria Perrotta by the Family


†Souls in Purgatory by Janice
†Vincent Bugeja by his Family
For the Living and Deceased Members of the Dagenais, Rozeck, Grant & Dent Families by Janice


†William Simpson by Sheila & Theresa
†Josie Abela by Anastasia LaBella


†Rita Huber (Fr. Steven’s Grandmother) by Kevin, Sally & Kevin Jr McQuaid