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Welcome to “Mom’s House” for Christmas! It is a great joy to welcome you to Our Lady of the Assumption Parish and to Assumption church this Christmas, whether you regularly worship here, you have just returned, or you are here for your first time. As you may know, Assumption is the oldest parish in Canada west of Montreal, so is truly the “mother” of every other parish in this area.

As Christians, we are the only people who believe that God, the creator of the universe, the almighty, has chosen to embrace humanity fully by becoming part of our history, being born in humble surroundings in an insignificant town. Even though that is a unique event that happened some 2000 years ago, on another level it is continuing to happen all around us. Imagine: God is choosing to be part of your history and your life! That is indeed something to cause rejoicing.

For almost five years Assumption church was closed to public worship. Now that we have returned, I invite you to look around at our splendid surroundings. It is easy to be reminded of God’s greatness, and indeed, that was the goal of all gothic churches: to lift hearts and minds to God, to heavenly things. Consider also the Nativity scene: there we find God entering human history in all humility. I pray that we may find God in both the splendid and the mundane, the opulent and the poor. May Our Lady of the Assumption, our “Mom”, and the Christ Child fill you with blessings and a heart open to recognize our loving God in unexpected places.