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With Fr. Maurice away, he asked me to prepare the bulletin message for this week.

In our gospel this weekend, we see Jesus calling Peter and the disciples … there’s very little in the gospel about what was said.Simply … “Come, follow me and I will make you fish-ers of people”doesn’t seem to be enough to convince these men to leave “immediately”… leave their homes, their jobs, their families and follow this itinerant carpenter. But whatever was said, it must have been spectacular.

This of course, wasn’t just an invitation … it was a call … any of us can be called … a call comes from God.I remember the day I was called to be a deacon … it was in 1997 and my pastor asked me to stay after a meeting and said, “Have you ever thought of becoming a Deacon?”.Well I had … there was certainly a call within me, a call to serve.But here’s the kicker, permanent deacons weren’t yet approved for our diocese and wouldn’t be for a few years yet and there were no Deacons around.And so I bargained a bit with God … if you’re calling me, show me what this Deacon thing is about.

A couple months later, I went on a pilgrimage to the holy land.We were travelling with some people from California … and one of them was a Deacon. I traveled with him for the next 10 days and found out everything I needed to know and ulti-mately the Diocese decided to ordain Deacons.Am I busy as a deacon … yes.Do I work hard … yes.Do I meet a lot of peo-ple with needs … yes!

But I would do it again in a minute!So my question for your consideration today is “Are you being called” …this could be to the priesthood, religious life, or to become a Deacon. It might be time to find out … Applications for deacons are accepted every two years for the 5 year program of discernment and study. Many men are in their fifties when they find the time to hear and answer the call.

There will be meetings with the diocese in April and May that you would have to attend.Meanwhile, feel free to connect with me at As-sumption or Deacons Gerard or Cap at St. Alphonsus and we’ll just meet for coffee and talk about ministry.

Are you or some-one you know being called?

—Deacon Paul Bezaire