All schedule masses for the weekend of April 17th and 18th will continue as planned.

All in-person Liturgies and activities are suspended effective Monday, April 19th, 2021.

All Parish sites will be closed to the public until the lockdown order is lifted by the Province.


Online Masses

Daily Mass
8:00am – Monday to Friday

  • We will continue to stream the 8:00am daily mass online on the Assumption Parish YouTube channel and St. Angela YouTube Channel and all three Parish Facebook Pages.
  • Mass intentions from all three parishes will be celebrated at this mass.


4:30pm – Italian

  • Sunday Vigil Mass from St. Angela Church on the St. Angela YouTube channel and Facebook page.
  • All Saturday mass intentions from St. Angela weekend masses will be celebrated at this mass.


9:00am – English

  • Mass from Assumption Church for our Family of Parishes.
  • Mass will be offered for the Intentions requested for the 11:30 English Mass at St. Angela.
  • The 9 am Mass will also be offered for the Intentions of all parishioners.


Watch Live Here


Other Information

  • All parish office sites are closed to the public and staff are working remotely. Use the contact us page to send an email to contact a staff member.
  • Rosary Chapel at Assumption Church is closed.
  • Confessions will be held by appointment only, and only in cases of serious need.

We continue to hold all of those affected by COVID-19 in our prayers, as well as the members of our Family of Parishes.
Please join us as we continue to pray for an end to the COVID-19 Pandemic.