Our Lady of Assumption is a living historical icon. Our time here has taught us to care for the spiritual and physical needs of our parishioners and the community.

If these stones could speak they would recite the prayers of early French settlers; they would remind us of the hopes and dreams of new immigrant workers building the structures that now tower across the skyline.

The church walls have witnessed the marriages and funerals of great grandparents, grandparents and parents, and of community leaders and dignitaries; they contain a legacy of who we were and who we are today.

Restoration Plan:

A four-phase restoration plan is underway to restore historic Our Lady of the Assumption Church.

This work will not just bring an important heritage building back to life, it will also confirm the importance of this architectural masterpiece to Windsor-Essex and to Canada.


Assumption Church was built in 1842 on land donated by the Huron people 252 years ago. Assumption Parish is the oldest parish in Canada west of Montreal. The church was closed 5 years ago but reopened September 2019.

A fundraising campaign to support Assumption Church’s ceiling restoration has been organized and launched by Paul Mullins.

For $1,000, you can sponsor a GOLD STAR on the ceiling.
For $10,000, you can sponsor a CHANDELIER.
For $25,000, you can sponsor 1 of 10 ceiling APOSTLES.
For $25,000, you can sponsor 1 of 10 ceiling ANGELS bearing a title of Mary.

Every donor will be recognized in an album permanently displayed in the church vestibule, and receive a family keepsake.
There are two convenient ways to make your donation: using our online system (credit card or paypal) or in person at the parish office (cheque, cash).

Please direct any questions to Paul Mullins at 519-982-3300 or paulmullins@xplornet.com.

Video Updates:

Visit our video updates page to watch the latest mini-documentaries on the restoration of Assumption Church.

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