Join us every Sunday for Lil’ Saints: At Home!


Every Sunday morning a new video from one of our Youth Ministry volunteers, will be posted as we break open God’s word for our Children.

A colouring sheet will also be available each Sunday to print for the kids to enjoy. Once completed you can email to Jessica at and we will post them online!

The latest Sunday is below, as well as the previous two Sundays.


September 19th, 2021

Opening Prayer Gospel Discussion Questions What were the disciples arguing about as they walked along? Jesus had told the disciples that he would be leaving them…[read more]

17th Sunday In Ordinary Time

“Jesus feeds the people”  Opening Prayer: Lord,It's hard to see people suffer, especially from hunger.We ask you to give them daily bread today and throughout the…[read more]

World Day of Grandparents and Elderly: Day Seven Activities

Both of you have skills and hobbies that the other may enjoy. That is why it is important to teach each other something new that they can pass down…[read more]