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Opening Prayer


John 17:20-26

Looking up to heaven Jesus prayed, “Heavenly father, take care of my disciples and everyone who comes to believe in you because of them. Unite them in love and make them one, just as you and I are one.

“Through me they have come to know you and will share what they know with the whole world. They have seen your glory on earth; let them share it with you forever at the end of time.” 


What did the apostles do after Jesus had returned to his heavenly father? 

Filled with the Holy Spirit, they put the love of God and other people first in their lives, and began to tell everyone about Jesus and to cure people in his name. Soon their numbers grew as more and more people came to believe in Jesus.

  1. What do we know about the early Church?

The early Christians loved one another and shared everything they had, taking care of each other’s needs, just as Jesus had taught them to. They met together to pray and celebrate the breaking of bread, and to share with each other all the things which Jesus had said and done.

  1. How did the teachings of Jesus spread outside Jerusalem?

Through the Holy Spirit, the disciples were filled with the joy of Christ and with his life.

Urged by the Spirit, some of them set off on missionary journeys to bring their faith to others. They shared the words and teachings of Jesus, and through them many came to believe.

Closing Prayer

Spirit of God,

Fill us with faith and joy,

so that through us

others may come to know you.