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About Us:

Assumption Cares is a partnership between Our Lady of the Assumption Parish and the Windsor Essex Compassion Care Community.  The program was launched in September 2019 and provides ongoing programming for people living in Windsor’s west end.

Our core values include the following:

  • Programs are open to everyone living in the west end of Windsor regardless of race, religion, or gender.
  • Programs are free. There is never a cost to the participant.
  • Programs are based on the needs of the community.
  • Most programs are not “faith-based”, but some are identified as such. While they will be most appropriate for Roman Catholics, anyone may attend. Everyone is welcome.
  • Our programs focus on fitness, wellness, families, and fun.

Events and Programs:

The list of programs changes from month to month and are listed on a calendar.  Click on the “This Month” link to see the calendar and “Next Month” to see the calendar for the next month.
Click on “Descriptions” to see more detail about each individual program.

You can register for a program by clicking on the “Register” link and providing your name, phone number, email and the name of the program.  We will contact you for more information.

Please email us with suggestions of programs or topics that you would like us to provide.

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Find Us:

Assumption Cares operates from two Sites:

McEwan Campus:

The McEwan Campus is located at 711 McEwan, just south of Wyandotte.  This site includes the following meeting rooms:

  • Rooney Lounge
  • St. Patrick Room
  • Holy Name of Mary Room
  • Blessed Sacrament Room
  • Assumption Room

There is a small amount of free parking accessed from McEwan and a second small lot accessed from Campbell. The site has an elevator that is accessed from the Campbell parking area.

Huron Church Campus:

The Huron Church Campus is located at 350 Huron Church Road. (University Avenue West at Huron Church).  The site includes Rosary Hall.

Parking is accessed from University Avenue.  Parking is free if you tell the attendant you are going to Assumption Cares.

Contact Us:

For more information or to register for a program, select “Contact Us”.

Otherwise, you can contact the Outreach coordinator by email or by phone:

Cathy B.
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