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One of the things that I love about the Advent Season is the way in which themes keep building on one another. It is often very easy to take one theme, present in the Scriptures, and follow that theme throughout the entire season. This year, the theme that seems to be resonating with me is the need to turn away from fear, and to allow ourselves to experience the joy of the Lord’s presence among us. It is this joy that leads us towards the fullness of the Heavenly Kingdom for which we hope.

Today’s readings remind us of the comfort that God brings, and can speak to us in the midst of the anxieties of our world today. When faced with fear, we can read Isaiah’s words of comfort, and remind ourselves that God cares for us like a shepherd cares for his sheep. We can allow the Psalm to remind us that God desires to proclaim peace and salvation to his people. And just as John the Baptist reminded the crowds that he only had a small part to play in the history of salvation, he reminds us that our task is to fulfill the work God has entrusted to us, remembering that God will come again to be the saviour and judge of the world. Just as John stayed grounded in his mission, we are called to stay grounded in God, so that we can bring God’s comfort to others.

The more we can spend time with God during this advent season, the more we will see how he is calling us to move out of a place of fear, and into a place where we can experience his comfort and love, which will lead us to the joy of the Kingdom. How is God calling you to grow closer to him this Advent Season?

As was announced at Mass this past weekend, Fr. Leo Walsh has been appointed by the General Council of the Basilian Fathers to a retirement residence in Windsor, where he will live with other retired Basilian Priests.  The move took place this week, and Fr. Leo is currently in the process of settling into his new accommodations. We thank Fr. Leo for his presence over these past for years, and for the assistance he provided to our Family of Parishes by celebrating Masses, hearing Confessions, and participating in Parish life. We wish Fr. Leo well as he undertakes this transition to his new place of residence. If you wish to contact Fr. Leo, please contact the Parish office for his contact information.

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Steven Huber, CSB