Our Lady of Assumption is a living historical icon. Our time here has taught us to care for the spiritual and physical needs of our parishioners and the community.

If these stones could speak they would recite the prayers of early French settlers; they would remind us of the hopes and dreams of new immigrant workers building the structures that now tower across the skyline.

The church walls have witnessed the marriages and funerals of great grandparents, grandparents and parents, and of community leaders and dignitaries; they contain a legacy of who we were and who we are today.

No other building in the region stands as a witness to the aboriginal origins, French accomplishments, and Catholic tradition in Canada like Assumption Church.

Restoration Plan:

A four-phase restoration plan is underway to restore historic Our Lady of the Assumption Church.

This work will not just bring an important heritage building back to life, it will also confirm the importance of this architectural masterpiece to Windsor-Essex and to Canada.

Assumption Church played a distinct and important role in the early history and development of our region, and is today one the largest historically significant restoration projects of our time.


Phase One


Phase Two


Phase Three


Phase Four

Sacristy and Chapel

Reports By Paul Mullins:


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Project Updates

Sponsor A Star This Christmas

We have a limited supply of Plaster Cast Ceiling stars from Assumption Church for sale for just $250. This would make a great Christmas gift! All proceeds…[read more]

Assumption Church Removed From National Historic Endangered List

Assumption Church has been removed from the national historic endangered list. It was first added to the list in 2015. In making the decision, the National trust said:…[read more]

Before And After: Restoration Complete On The East Side

Restoration work is finished on the the East wall at Assumption Church. Here are photos of the before and after showing the area now that the scaffolding…[read more]

Work In The Assumption Church Attic Continues

Work in the attic on the west side of Assumption Church continues. Our General Contractor Pupatello and Sons are just about finished the new catwalk system. …[read more]

Assumption Fifth Report Submitted By Paul Mullins

Here is an update on the ongoing restoration of Assumption Parish by Paul Mullins. Click here to view the report…[read more]

Ceiling Plaster Consolidation Begins On West Side

Consolidation of the ceiling plaster on the west side of Assumption Church has begun. Consolidate is applied to the back of the laths (wood strips between…[read more]

Painting Continues on East Side

Restoration work is moving along inside Assumption Church. Plaster work is complete and painters are repainting every inch of the ceiling by hand on the back half of…[read more]

Restoration Update

Work on repairs to the plaster will get underway on the back three bays of the east side next week. This work is expected to take four to six…[read more]

Restoration Work Wraps Up On First 3 Bays

Restoration work is finished on the first three bays of the East wall at Assumption Church. Here are photos showing the area now that the scaffolding has…[read more]

VIDEO: Restoration Update From Paul Mullins

The first three restored bays of the East wall have been revealed and work is starting on the remaining areas. Funds are still needed to complete the entirety of…[read more]

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